We make it possible to self manage your property

Whether you live in an RTM, apartment block or share the freehold with your neighbours, Freeholder makes the process transparent.

Free for two users per building
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Freeholder centralises all the important information

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  • Shared Calendar

    Add your company accounts return dates, renewals, and compliance checks and we'll remind you before it's too late.

  • Nice

    Document Storage

    Store your building insurance, compliance checks, lease documents and more for everyone to have instant access.

  • Discussion Forums

    End those endless email chains out of your personal inbox by keeping everything about your property in one place.

  • Neighbour Directory

    If you want, you can share your contact details with your neighbours in case you need to be contacted in an emergency.

  • Useful Contacts

    Ever worked with a great plumber and want to share that with your neighbours. Or do you do you a great gardener who could help with the communal areas?

  • Useful


    Avoid neighbourly disagreements by fairly voting for suggestions without knowing how your neighbour has voted.

Learn more about shared property management

Living in a shared property can sometimes feel like a burden. Our handy blog posts try and clear up some misconceptions and get you on the right track

Rights to Manage: An introduction2 min guide

We look at what Rights to Manage companies are, how they're formed and what's expected when sharing property management with your neighbours.