Screenshot of freeholder app asking for company number

What is a Company Number?

Company numbers are assigned by Companies House when new limited companies are created. As property management companies are incorporated by nature, they will have been given a unique company number.

This number is used to interact with HMRC and Companies House during when submitting your Annual Return, Corporation Tax and VAT returns (if applicable).

Where can I find my company number?

You’ll find it written on any statement from HMRC or Companies House, but it’s also quick and easy to find using the Companies House search.

Why does Freeholder app need this number?

Your company number is unique to your Rights to Manage company. It defines you from all others, which makes it easier for new people living in your shared building to find the right account.

It also means subsequent people aren’t reinventing the wheel each time for your property and all information is linked to this unique number for current and future residents.

Any further questions?

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